Saturday, July 17, 2010

Joe Hockey in Cairns

After a huge breakfast and a nap I thought a stroll along the Cairns boardwalk would be nice. An interesting stream full of crabs and mud skippers caught my eye. Generally, no one is much interested in mud skippers but for some reason a mess of activity broke out behind me. I thought to myself: 'Finally, the importance of the mud skipper is coming to light.' Then I heard from behind: 'I'm Joe Hockey.'

Swoosh! I'm on my feet. Heart in my throat. I wait for him to finish with his small talk with a tourist couple from UK. I think he knows I have a question.

Hand thrust forward to meet mine he introduces himself. No niceties from me. I only want to know one thing, so I ask: 'What is the Liberal Party's policy on net filtering?'

I know that Mr Hockey is personally against it but I want to know how the party will force him to vote, not his personal opinion. He says he's always been against it. Heart still pounding I cut him off and insist that he tell me what the Liberal Party's policy on is on net filtering.

Mr Hockey stated:
. The Liberal Party is against Labor's net filtering plan
. that PC based filtering software is the effective means of keeping kids away from adult material
. that Labor's net filter wont stop the spread of child abuse material.

This is not Mr Hockey's private musings, this is Liberal policy. How they have managed to reign in Mr Abbott's overt Christianity and cosiness with the ACL? I don't know. But, there it is. Hopefully they will campaign on it to give the anti-filter lobby some credibility.

Anyway. The camera crews seemed very interested in this discussion. I am hoping that it might make the news. There were channel 7 crews there along with some other camera crews.


Rick's Rambles said...

Good to hear! In April, before the KRudd coup I wrote to all South Australian Fed MPs and Senators about my concern of the proposed Internet Filter, due to it providing a false sense of security to those who don't understand it, and its impact on freedom of expression as an open-ended method of government censorship. The Libs consistently said in their letters back to me that they would vote against it and favoured a PC-based solution, as you heard from Joe Hockey. Nearly all the ALP folks touted the party line about how good it would be for Australia in preventing the distribution of child pornography. The Greens are against it. A summary of all the responses that I received are on my Blogger blog:

Keep-up the good work in quizzing the MPs. They won't get the message about our opposition of the filter from outraged #nocleanfeed tweets - I think direct contact is much more effective. Cheers, Rick

Anonymous said...

I note that he hasn't said that they're against Mandatory Internet Filtering, just the usual Liberal BS that they're against anything Labor says.

I'm unconvinced that the Liberals are any different to Labor when it comes to implementing mandatory Internet Filtering.

Thanks for collaring him on it all the same though!

Anonymous said...

The Liberal party website has nothing which commits them to being against the filter - just wishwash about 'in principle' being against parts and for parts of it. Just as the same old BS.

This sounds like the Libs trying to either test the waters with coming out against the filter, or convincing technophiles that the Libs will get rid of the proposal (whilst telling the Christian Right a different story at the same time??).

No Aust Net Filtering said...

Hello Commenters :) The problem remains. I haven't got footage of him saying it. Just kicking myself. We didn't have the little happy snapper. It would have been enough. There were three cameras there. I saw a snippet on the 7 nightly news but without sound (they were talking about nation wide campaigning).

So, for the purposes of the election, it never happened. I hope that they are playing that close to their chest and they're gonna blind side labor with it during the campaign.

Alternatively, hopefully, they will vote against it in the senate with the greens.

Anyway, we've all just gotta keep fighting. :)